It's A G.A.S - Using Website analytics to maximise lost opportunities

If you're like me, you've got strong analytics sitting behind your website(s). You know who's been visiting, how many times, and what they're looking at.

All of this data is great. However, unless it's utilised, it could represent nothing but lost opportunities for your business.

At UpRight, we've implemented Zoho SalesIQ on our, and our customers, websites. This allows us to view, in real time, visitors to our sites, what they're looking at and the frequency of visits.

It also allows us to initiate conversations with a visitor, based on their behaviour, and offer support and incentives. For example, if you're selling camping equipment, and you notice that a visitor has been backwards and forwards between your 'Tent' and 'Swag' sections - but haven't initiated any actions to buy, you could offer them a one-off package deal for a Tent & Swag combo, in real-time chat, to 'get them across the line'.

You can also obtain basic contact info from your visitor in real-time using SalesIQ - adding to your contact database and removing the 'barrier to entry' that so often inhibits data collection from prospective customers.

If you're looking at starting your website, or taking your analytics and service to the next stage, we'd recommend visiting

Their plans start at $0 with zero commitment.

Of course, if you like the idea of website tracking, but not the effort involved in setting it up, maintaining it, and monitoring it, then UpRight Sales and Marketing can assist.

Happy Saturday from the team at UpRight Sales & Marketing

* Note - We have no financial relationship with Zoho - nor is this review a researched comparison between different options. Our review is based entirely on personal experience in utilising the tool and the difference it's made to the sales and service opportunities for us, and our customers.